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What is the Difference between Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons?

When it comes to car driving, the chance of choosing automatic transmission cars is more over manual cars. In manual cars, we have to change the gears, apply clutch and brakes manually. And this type of learning is considered in every driving school in spite of rising popularity of the automatic cars. The main motive behind this manual car learning is – ‘if we choose to learn automatic driving, then in our license the “manual” won’t be mentioned’. So driving schools initially give courses related to manual driving. However, later on, when a student becomes an expert in manual driving, he/she proceeded for the combined course of both automatic and manual driving lessons. By this, a student will learn to drive both automatic and manual cars. As we know, the automatic transmission doesn’t help a driver at the time of emergency or instant stop, like in the case of accidents, mishaps or in any unexpected situation. At that time, we have to apply the brake and clutch manually to stop the car. So when learning to drive, it is better to learn both automatic and manual car driving.


Driving Lessons Peterborough

Although the automatic driving is easier where we need to just accelerate the car, rest all things like braking, clutch and gears would perform automatically. But, if we learn both the course at the same time, we probably will drive any car either it is automatic or manual. In order to learn both manual and automatic driving, we, first of all, must know the difference between two. Here we explain the basic differences of two by considering automatic and manual driving lessons.

1- Driving a Car: In manual cars, there are three pedals; accelerator, brake, and clutch. While driving a car, we change the gears in order to increase the speed. A gear change in manual driving occurs with the help of gearstick and clutch. And to stop the car, we need to apply the brake using brake pedals. But, in automatic driving, the car uses self-shifting. So when pressing the accelerator pedal, the speed, gear shifting (internally), clutch, braking (in a case of emergency) will perform automatically. These things will be covered by the instructor in automatic and manual driving lessons.

2- Reversing a Car: In Manual cars, the clutch and accelerator both are used to maintain speed while reversing a car. However, in automatic driving, the use of accelerator is enough to reverse the car (after the reverse button is pressed). The automatic cars also have the back cameras (and a screen on the car dashboard) which helps us to view back side while reversing the car. An instructor first teaches the students, the reversing of manual transmission cars and then proceeded to the automatic car.

3- Parking a Car: In manual cars, the word ‘parking’ exactly means to park a car. But, here we consider the use of ‘Park Button’ that lets the automatic car to remain in the same place. In automatic cars, the park button won’t turn off the car when we foot-off from the brakes and the car will stay at the same position (neutral mode and brake automatically apply here). However, in manual cars, in order to park the car, we first need to move the gear to neutral mode, and then apply the hand brake for no movement of the car.

4- Car Sensors: This feature is only applicable for automatic cars. And the car will automatically apply the brake with the use of sensors in case of emergencies. The situations when this feature applies are ‘before any impact’, ‘any car in front applies the instant brake’, ‘at accidents just in front of us’ and all emergency conditions. However, the efficiency of these sensors can’t be calculated, as they are just electronic circuits. Now, with the manual transmission car, we have to stay focused on the road and keep ourselves safe. And, if we consider the automatic and manual driving lessons, all the safety measures including safe driving tips are explained to the learners with practical classes.

Basically, we have noticed that both automatic and manual driving is useful. Both have their own explanations and eventually, both stands equally in features (manual features applicable for expert drivers only). So, if you have any questions about automatic and manual driving lessons, or would like to become an expert driver, just log on to today!

Services Offered:

  • 3 to 4 week course
  • Automatic driving lessons
  • Manual driving lessons
  • Pass Plus

Crucial Things to Know about Driving Lessons in Peterborough

The driving lessons initially make the learners anxious as they don’t know what to do while driving. And, if they are beginners, then the driving is more difficult for them. Generally, beginners are seen in the Driving Schools. We shall imagine that the learners know nothing about the driving and this is the same way a driving school sees a student who visits them to learn driving. And teach them driving lessons before giving any practical classes.

Exactly, what is happening to the learners is that they become more dependent on the Driving schools and won’t take any initiative from their own side to learn driving. We know this dependency never make the learner an expert driver. And sometimes, this case become vice-versa i.e. instructors becomes lazy. The instructors are basically called trainers, but in most of the driving schools, we won’t find a trainer there, only just a driver. These instructors sit beside the learners and won’t teach them what exactly the lessons cover, rather they just tell to drive only.  And eventually, the learners never cover the whole driving lessons with the help of driving instructors. If we consider the above, the Driving lessons in Peterborough are worthier. It not only provides a better course for driving but also helps learners to experience those situations which they might face in the future while driving.

Here we discuss some of the crucial things that My Driving Lessons has included while providing a driving course in Peterborough:


The Instructor teaches theory classes.
Explains all basic driving tips.
Ask anything about driving to the Instructor.

Explaining vehicle

Explain about the vehicle and its working – switch-on, no. of gears (5or6), automatic or manual mechanism, how to accelerate, braking etc.
Turning on indicators, lamps and other lights inside and outside the car.
Adjusting seats while driving.
Carry First aid box along with you while going for a drive.

Safe Practicing

Wear seatbelts before driving.
Do what instructor tells while learning.
Drive on the right-most lane of the Road.
Keep away the items that distract your mind like mobile phone, food items etc.
Keep the car at minimum speed while driving (for beginners).

Sign Boards on Roads

Explain about all the sign boards.
Explains where the sign boards are placed on the road.
Problems and solutions if not obeyed any sign board.

Driving Focus

Concentrate 100% on driving.
Ignore phone calls and other electronic devices while driving.
Keep an eye on each and every sign boards.
Slow down your vehicle at crossing or merging.

Defensive Driving

Keep a distance between vehicles in front of you.
Explain about the driving awareness for safety like look what other drivers do, motorists etc to prevent an accident.
Prepare you how to drive in different weather conditions.

Brief of Traffic Laws

Obey all the roads signs and boards
Keep a way to ambulance and fire tenders.
Do not park your vehicle on the road. Park at parking zones.

After Accident tips

Check both car’s passengers and pedestrians or whoever met in an accident with you, whether they are fine or not.
Call 911, if situations are not under control.
Stay inside the car on Highways.
Use first aid box if minor injuries.

We believe you may come across with the above things in your driving course. These not only helps you to learn driving but also make you an expert driver in future. The Driving lessons are the most simplistic way to teach driving, as this explains everything about driving. We know there are plenty of challenges waiting for you and for that the above things are enough.

Services Offered:

  • 3 to 4 week course
  • Automatic driving lessons
  • Manual driving lessons
  • Pass Plus

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